Why Women Test Men: The REAL Reason Why Women Make Things Complicated For You
Posted on December 11th, 2020 
Ready for a harsh reality check? Women test men all the time. They even do this instinctively and this video will tell you exactly why they do!
Why do women test men? Yes I am talking about shit tests. If you find yourself always being given a hard time by women then enough is enough! I'm here to give you a real taste and a slap on the face of reality. From this day forward, YOU will be in control of the interaction.
In this video you will discover the true reason why women test men for logical and legitimate reasons. You will not be getting 10 different reasons but I will deliver you the truth on why they do this to us men. By having this knowledge and the reasoning behind this, you will be able to use their tests to your advantage.
As a man, it is very important and key that you understand why women throw tests at you so you will know how to handle it. If you don't understand the reasons behind why women test you then you will end up becoming frustrated, annoyed and you will start losing confidence in yourself and just avoiding women in general... BETA MALE!
Let's face it, getting women is not at all difficult. In fact it's actually quite easy, it's just that us men overcomplicate things by wanting to be perfect in every date, text message or whatever interaction you have with women. Women are a lot easier to understand than what most guys out there think.
Once you understand the reasons why women test you, you will see that it is all smoke and mirrors and just a way to see if you are a legitimate candidate for her time.
What women really want is a man who can be confident around her, and I'm not talking about "acting" confident, I'm talking LEGITIMATE confidence.
It is easy to be confident for a few minutes with all the dating advice you can find on the internet. But what women want is sustainable confidence. Confidence that doesn't only last to get a few bold words in, but someone who can follow through with his big macho words.
This is exactly why women test men. Most men out there rely on a facade to get them through the initial shit test. But most women of quality are smarter than that. They can see straight through men's fake confidence and that is why they test you to make sure you have the balls to follow through with your big words. That's right... women test your balls to see how confident you really are.
If you understand the reason why women test men, you will know exactly how to handle it. When women see that there is no way she can break you down, this will make her feel more attracted to you and most importantly, respect you. This is how women easily fall in love with a man and remain in love with him throughout the relationship.
Now will women ever stop testing you? The answer is a big fat NO! But the good news is, every time a woman continues to test you, it means you are passing each of the previous tests. Women will constantly test men to find out a man's true character.
Women will also test men to try and exploit their weakness. From this day forward, with the knowledge you've obtained from this video, each time a woman tests you will be an opportunity to prove your strength.
For the most part, girls who test men are usually not aware they're even doing this. It's a feeling they get where they know if they respect you more or less based on how you handle these tests.
That is why women also have different tests for different stages of a relationship. Girls will test you when they first meet you all the way until you get into a relationship or married. So you must always be on your A game!
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Good vibes fellas!
Michael C. Nova
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"Love will find you when you stop looking for it. If it happens, it happens."
Posted on November 9th, 2020 
How many times has someone told you that, or even you telling yourself that?

So if I stop working and trying to make money is Donald Trump going to write me a check for 1 billion dollars? You see how inconceivable that sounds? It’s pretty much the same thing.


You’re absolutely adorable if you think “the one” will randomly sit next to you on the bus when you least expect it. If you’re 30, single, frustrated, alone and still a believer that love finds you when you aren’t looking – that’s probably why you’re 30, single, frustrated and alone. Believing the love of your life finds you when you aren’t looking is voiding all responsibility for your own love life. It’s like saying that you don’t need to put yourself out there if you want to find love – but you do need to put yourself out there. If putting yourself out there and looking didn’t work, all of these online dating sites wouldn’t have millions of success stories.

Mr. or Mrs. Right isn’t going to come knocking on your door one day while you’re watching Netflix, asking you if they can borrow a cup of sugar. People don’t do that anymore. If you happen to meet someone by chance, you’re the exception – not the rule.

So be honest with yourself. Are you happy with your current dating situation? Is putting aside your dating life really making you happy and bringing you closer to meeting that special someone?
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"Stood Up, Flaked On and Ghosted"​
Posted on November 2nd, 2020 

We’ve all been there. You’ve finally asked the girl out on a date and she said yes! She agreed to meet you out for drinks this upcoming Wednesday. You even scheduled it perfectly during happy hour so you don’t have to spend a whole lot.

You take time the next few days doing extra sets at the gym, picking out your favorite outfit and even getting a haircut, all for this date. Wednesday comes and you are filled with a mixture of emotions from nervousness to excitement.

You shoot her a quick text in the morning to confirm and she responds with, what appears to be, a positive response; “Yes! Looking forward to it! Can’t wait! 😊.” Now you confidence is up and you probably feel like the man. You then finish getting ready and text her while you’re in your Uber letting her know you’re on the way. She hits you with the “Hey I’m running a little late but I’ll see you soon!” You get a bit nervous but you don’t let it bother you too much.

Finally you’ve arrived at the restaurant and decide to have a seat at the bar as you wait. You send another text to her letting her know you’re at the bar and you’re the guy wearing the blue button down shirt. She takes a little while but she texted you saying she’s on the way. Minutes go by and you now notice yourself checking your phone every 10 seconds looking at the time and to see if she messaged you. Finally she reaches out to you and delivers the haymaker to the gut; “Hey I am so sorry but I’m to have to reschedule because there was an unexpected family emergency! Sorry again!” You, being the super nice guy you are, then reply with “Aww no biggie! I hope everything is ok! Yeah text me later and we’ll plan another day.”

A new mixture of emotions arise where you’re angry, confused, frustrated, annoyed, etc. You start to question if this family emergency is even true. This wasn’t the first time it’s happened to you and now you don’t know what to think. You may wonder what are the odds that a family emergency occurs the exact time she’s supposed to meet you for your date.

Let me give you a taste of reality my friend. She is LYING TO YOU because she is NOT INTERESTED IN YOU! Take the hint please and save yourself the stress. Yeah sure there are times when it actually does happen but there are also times when someone wins the Mega Millions. The odds of a family emergency occurring at the same exact time she’s supposed to meet up with you is pretty darn rare. So why do women do this? There is no exact reason why because it is all very subjective. But here is what you can do to decrease the odds of this ever happening again.

Think about a time of importance to you; a time where you made sure that no matter what happens you wouldn’t miss it for the world, like your parent’s birthday or your brother/sister’s graduation or even a job interview. Now think about why you wouldn’t miss it for the world? You even go as far as blocking your schedule weeks, even months, in advance because you will do all in your power to not miss such an event.

This is because you were emotionally invested. When you become emotionally invested in something, or someone, it automatically becomes a priority. When someone becomes a priority to you the likelihood of you putting him/her aside becomes very slim. This is because not only do you have time invested, but you now have an emotional investment in it as well. When you are emotionally invested, it almost destroys you to not show up because you will disappoint yourself if you end up not going.
So the next time you come in contact with a girl you are interested in, before you muster up the courage to ask her on a date, you want to first make sure you properly get her emotionally invested into the idea of you both spending quality time together. Capitalize first on getting her more attracted to you and constantly build interest to get her wanting more. 

Once you see that she is showing these signs of interests then you proceed into schedule a time and day to meet. When you can consistently figure out how you can get a woman to emotionally invest into you, the days of getting stood up, flaked on and ghosted will slowly fizzle away.

To learn how to get a women invested in YOU, click on the yellow button on the right! ;)
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Have You Ever Been A Woman's Fantasy? If Not, Why Not?
Posted on October 26th, 2020 
“Bradley Cooper has the most perfect eyes I’ve ever seen!”

“George Clooney and Brad Pitt age like fine wine!” 

You probably have heard women say these a handful of times and may have had a certain level of jealousy when you did. You may even wonder to yourself how it would feel to be talked about by a woman the same way these men are being talked about. So that leads to the following questions: Have you ever been a woman’s fantasy? If not, then why not? 

Believe it or not, many of us model ourselves after these male icons; from the type of hairstyles we get down to the clothes we wear. After all they are the ones who set the trends; why do you think brands pay them so much money to market their stuff? Now why do you think this is? It’s because we subconsciously think that these guys are what majority of the women we are attracted to fantasize about being with. 

You probably think that the only way for women to feel that same attraction about you is to look like these male figures as much as you can. But what if there was a way you can tap into a women’s emotions and make a huge impact to where you now become her fantasy without looking like a Hollywood sex symbol? What if there was a way you can get a woman so into you that she constantly thinks about you in every romantic way possible? Seems ludicrous doesn’t it? But the truth is, it’s very possible.   

Women are very emotional creatures and their attraction is built on more than just appearance. It goes beyond that and that’s where the saying of “it’s not all about looks” comes from. This is why every now and then you come across “ugly guys” with “hot girlfriends.” I can hear the excuses already; “he probably has loads of money.” Well that “ugly guy” has found a way to tap into that “hot girl’s” emotions and, despite not being the ideal man in terms of looks, her emotional attraction to him overpowers his physical appearance. She became so invested in him, emotionally, that he has become the representation of the male figure in her fantasy. 

Let me give you another example. Have you ever heard a woman talk so highly about some guy at work and you ask yourself, “What the hell do they see in that guy?” This guy probably looks like a complete chode but for some reason women can’t get enough of him. You become confused and even jealous because you know you are better looking than this guy yet he is the one getting all the attention, not you. 

The secret is in the way he carries himself. It’s the way he holds his head up high and walks with such authority and speaks so confidently that women subconsciously are attracted to. This inner trait that he beholds is more powerful than any physical attribute. So instead of focusing on going to the gym for 4 hours a day or buying more brand name clothing, focus more on improving the way you carry yourself and your overall charisma and you may just find yourself as the star attraction in a woman’s fantasy. 

To learn how to become a more attractive and charismatic version of yourself, click on the yellow button to the right.
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